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Welcome to our blog. A place for students and their families so that you can see what goes on in our library, the books we love, and get help with homework and assignments. The blog is a mix of the interesting, the helpful, the quirky and the fun! Comments are welcome, you can submit reviews and suggestions to Praveen Kumar Dewangan, the librarian at

Our school is located in Mahasamund (Chhattisgarh), India.

“A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.”- Lemony Snicker

Scrap Book Prize Winner ( Readers Club Activity)

“Best Scrap Book Maker”  :-  Vibha Patel IX -A

     Topic:- Domestic animal For class VI

        I  Prize

Kavya Chandrakar  VI-B

II  Prize

Neelam Sonwani VI-B

Ragini Chandrakar VI-A

Kanishka   VI-B

III  Prize

Srijal Banjare VI-A

Venuka Sahu  VI-B

Topic:- Science & Technology for Class VII

I  Prize

Somam Nirmalkar VII-B

Srijal Chandrakar VII-B

Awadhi Chandrakar VII-B

Akriti Vaghmare VII-B

II  Prize

Chhaya  VII-A

Pooja VII-A

Khushboo VII-A

III  Prize

Gyan    VII-B

Topic:-Our Environment for Class VIII

I  Prize

Kavya Chandrakar VIII-A

Pratishtha Tiwari VIII-A

Selina Chandrakar  VIII-A

Samiksha VIII-A

II  Prize

Ayushi Chandrakar VIII-A

III   Prize

Minakshi  VIII-A

Prerna  VIII-A

Topic:- Wild Life For Class IX

I  Prize

Vibha Patel   IX-A

II   Prize

Swaleha Parween  IX-B

Chandraprabha Sahu IX-B

III   Prize

Dhriti Chandrakar IX -B

Yameshwari Sahu  IX-A